Divers can register for a Diving Tryout to dip their toe in the water and try diving.

1: Register for a TRYOUT CLASS and try diving one time.

2: Register for a class and secure your spot and attend two classes and if your child doesn't like it after two classes, the remaining course classes will be refunded.

This gives you two options to try diving without a full commitment for the full quarter.

Our tryout classes are lessons that actually teach jumps, entries, positions in a fun, fast, furious way. Time is limited so classes are really just an introduction to diving. We start with a short teaching warmup, some jumping and controlled land exercise followed by skills in the water and off the board.

Swimming comfortability in the deep end is crucial. If your child is not comfortable swimming in the deep end, they are not ready for a try out. If you have any questions, contact us at: Info@DiveSeattle.com

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