SwimGym !

SwimGym is an entirely new kind of aquatic sport that is a foundation for ALL sports, blending gymnastics, swimming and diving into a circuit training that provides both beginner and intermediate athletes a way to build physical strength, inner confidence, and the best fun they can ever have in or out of the water.

SwimGym, our beginner program, and SwimGym +,  our intermediate program, have a total of 7 levels of difficulty and is available for ages 4-12, from pure beginners with no swimming background up to kids who have some level of gymnastics and swimming.

Why Learn only ONE Sport
When You Can Learn All THREE ?

SwimGym is swimming and gymnastics, blended with fundamentals of dive training, in a rapid-fire 1 hour circuit session that will enable children and beginners of all ages to swim more confidently, build core strength, and develop lifetime athletic skills for every other sport they play.  SwimGym is a great adjunct, or in some cases, an alternative, to swimming lessons as it builds confidence for a swimmer not only knowing how to move through the water, but how to enter the water safely as well.

SwimGym was developed by our master coaches, Ilich Marcano, the noted Venezuelan Olympic Coach, and Alejandra Fuentes, (#5 World Champion Diver) and Patti McEuen, Founder of DiveSeattle.

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