DiveSeattle’ s High School Diving program is for divers entering high school and want to become more proficient at diving to participate in their local high school programs, including athlete’s who want to make the state championships or win the state meet.

Our high school diving program runs Monday and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays at Bellevue Pool and Saturdays at Juanita High School pool on a quarterly basis. Divers can choose to dive 5 days per week Monday - Thursday + Saturdays also. This is a high school prep program, limited competition if the diver is at the top 12 in state level. Please register here and request a spot or to be put on the waiting list.

Please register here and request a spot or to be put on the waiting list

NOTE: Spaces are limited and divers usually register 2-3 months prior to start date.

How to Do A Rip Entry

Learn Reverse Dive Pike

Learn Inward Dive Pike

Our high school program is a two or three day a week program geared toward solid fundamentals, dryland training and belt and harness work (privately) and skill development to compete at the district and state meets.

The high school program is a year around program from September - June and includes option club meets outside of high school competition that are NOT mandatory. For more info contact us about your athlete!

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