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DiveSeattle is about our love of the water. We live near and around it, and in Seattle, we're covered it in all year. Water is our snow and we love to play in it. We are also competitive divers, which means we love the thrill of gymnastics and acrobatic training as well. Our programs run at several pools in greater Seattle and at gymnastics facilities that allow us to run Dryland Training which is essential to competitive success.

We're also a culture that is all about building champions, with a big emphasis on the building part. We see winning as a learned skill, a habit of taking on new challenges, in small bites, building up a tolerance for failure and learning to greet mistakes with the real opportunity they are. Yes, even a 5 year old can have fun screwing up and learn to be empowered by the challenge of going for it once again.Our kids know they don't have to be a competitor to have excellence, only persistence. Imagine how liberating that might be for you learn when you were 5.

Diving - Fun, Recreation and Competition

People are often in awe of divers and it is one of the most popular sports in the Summer Olympics (tickets often sell out in a matter of hours) but, to many, it seems a bit out of reach, and something only for the most elite athletes.

We see it differently. In reality, diving is a powerful combination of gymnastics and aquatics. If you can swim, and you can roll, you really have the basics of what the sport is built on, and learning its fundamental concepts as early as age 5, 8, or 10 years old can make a huge difference in a child's future mental and physical disciplines and in their eventual success in life.


Diver Accomplishment Level Age
Eric Klassen 2014 WIAA State champion 1M Senior
Chase Reid 2015 WIAA State Champion 1M Senior
Ben Dixon 2016 WIAA State Champion 1M Senior
Emma Compton 2017 USA Diving JO Nationals Finalist 6th Place 3M 11 and Under
Corwin Lindeman 2017 USA Diving JO Nationals Semi Finalist winner Platform 11 and Under
Kayli Kersavage 2017 WIAA State Champion 1M Freshman
Kennedy Cribbs 2017 WIAA State Champion 1M Senior
2017 USA Diving JO National Qualifiers -7 OHIO
Kayli Kersavage 1M, 3M 14-15G
Heather Hopkins 1M 14-15G
Krystia Mischel 1M, 3M 14-15G
Jaden Cardon 1M, 3M 14-15B
Corwin Lindeman 1M, Plat 11&UB
Samantha Keith Plat 11&UG
Emma Compton -Top 6 finisher on 3M 1M, 3M 11&UG

The Academy

Aquatic Sports Teach Discipline and Focus

Springboard dive training, SwimGym and Aquatics as whole, can be a powerful arena of accomplishment, helping young athletes to meet the challenge of reaching new heights of mental discipline, grace, and physical performance. Even for the most casual beginner and recreational athlete, dive training can be a powerful opportunity to build a championship mindset for life. We have now been teaching in Seattle for more than 25 years, produced great athletes and competitors but nothing makes a greater impression on us than discovering how full grown adults, who started learning from us as early as 5, have taken their diving concepts into careers and businesses and how much of an impact it has made on their success. No other program has that kind of track record.

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