Waiting List Reservations

Can’t Find The Right Program?

It’s true that many of our programs are full but we’re always adding new ones. So the best way to ensure you have a spot is to reserve one from our waiting list. When you subscribe to our waitlist, we will always reach out to you first before we offer spots to new applicants, based on the priority date of your waiting list submission. So just fill out this form and please, feel free to use the box at the bottom to tell us anything else you want, beyond what we have asked. If you have more than one child, please fill out the form again for each athlete.

Your coaches are great. They really help kids to overcome their fears.
Tami Elliote
Both of my 2 kids gained so much confidence from you in the first 4 weeks.
Emily Ramos
In my 30 years of coaching, SwimGym! is the first program we have ever been able to offer to bring the skills of aquatic diving to non divers, giving them the acrobatics, the discipline, the focus, and core strength to every young athlete.
Patti McEuen, 4 Time All American and Veteran Washington Aquatics Coach Champion