KCAC Diving Workshop: How To Do A “RIP” Entry. FREE! HURRY! This will fill up fast!

KCAC Diving (Mini) Springboard Diving Workshop for FREE “Rip” Entry Clinic at KCAC
sponsored by DiveSeattle

Tuesday, June 16th from 5:30-7pm

Probably the single most important aspect of diving is the proper diving entry. Learning a “Rip” entry is a specific “FEEL” and hand placement on the water. Divers who get the right feel and entry positioning, can master the “RIP” fairly quickly and for some it takes longer. A “RIP” entry is called a “RIP” because it sounds like paper being shredded on contact with the water. If you want to “shred” the water learn to RIP, come join the fun! Space is extremely limited! Divers should be 8 and Up to attend.

How to Sign Up – Sign Up Here for USA MINI Workshop: How To Do a Rip Entry
Pre-registration with AAU is required. Divers must have AAU insurance to attend.

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