Mental Rehearsal Training for Peak Performance!

Mental Training for Peak Performance and Quicker Retrieval of Information when competing!

Wouldn’t you like to have better meet or sports performance?

How do I learn quicker and store more appropriate data in the brain?

If I am having trouble with Mental Rehearsal why?

Check out this article for Peak Performance Training
Peak Performance Training

4 thoughts on “Mental Rehearsal Training for Peak Performance!”

  1. So excited about the new league, DiveSeattle, which will include meets, special events including acrobatic classes and Dive Camps! Keep up to date and check this regularly! Next meet: End of March!

  2. The DiveSeattle league’s goal is to host meets for divers-

    Tentative Meet Dates:
    March 28-29
    May 30-31
    July 19
    Nov 28-29

    Level 1-2: Jumps, Lineups, Forward dives

    Level 3-4:
    Front, back, inward

    High School 14+
    1 required
    5 optional

    Club: 13 & Under
    10 diver

    Club 14 and Over
    10 dives

    Mainly one meter.
    For fun.
    Create more interest.

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