We LOVE Springboard Diving and We LOVE “SPRING”!

We love to “spring” and springboard diving. Period.

This is a little experiment is to see who reads our information on the blog and website…The first person who mentions the post in a Facebook message to http://facbook.com/DiveSeattle will receive a Starbucks gift card.

Follow the directions:

1). Facebook message: DiveSeattle.
2). Type in message: Encouraging Excellence
3). Type in your name and address to send the gift card.

DiveSeattle is about fun! Our commitment to Encourage Excellence while having a blast will be the key to the growth within our league. There are tons of kids that would love to dive and learn to SPRING. Our goal is to find those kids, grow DiveSeattle and have a blast doing so!

Enjoy your “Spring” Day 🙂

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