How to Teach a Front Somersault in Diving

How to Teach a Front Somersault in springboard diving is difficult for many beginning coaches and is difficult for the divers to learn. This video outlines the sequential steps we use at DiveSeattle to safely teach the forward somersault.

Due to the fear of landing on their back, many new divers shut their eyes and make a half hearted attempt to complete the revolution of the somersault during their first few tries.  Using a sequential teaching methodology, learning to somersault in the water to safely first, then safely off the side of the pool using a mat, to finally off learning the somersault off the diving board, helps the diver gain confidence throughout the learning process.

This video shows the sequence beautifully.

Thanks Joe Chirico for this BAD (Boston Area Diving) video showing this sequence through the TDN channel.

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