The Guide

 Which Program Is Right For Me?

You came here either for Diving, or to do SwimGym, or both. Each program feeds off the other and at every point, of every program we do, the skills of Gymnastics, Swimming, and Diving are involved, in some way, for the acrobatics, the mental and physical development, the energy, and the focus. Our combinations of these 3 sports creates a new foundation for every other sport, helping athletes as young as age 4 all the way to Olympic hopefuls to be safer, stronger, and even more intelligent in their decision making serving them throughout their life with the developing habits of success and achievement.  And, yes it is definitely much FUN too !

The bulk of our students are part of the Academy with SwimGym as our beginner entry point, and the National Team our highest elite program.

SwimGym (Levels 1-6)

  • $30 Full Hour Class
  • 1 day per week $ 100  per month
  • 2 days per week  $ 150 per month (ask us for a 2nd day discount code)

SwimGym combines Swimming, Acrobatic Gymnastics and Diving into a brand new sport activity. Designed for both beginners and intermediate young athletes, from those non swimmers starting out Ages 5 to 12’s and up. All SwimGym programs are one hour in length.

Through the 7 levels of the SwimGym program, we give kids strength, agility, and confidence with new movement skills, on top of, and under the surface, along with dryland acrobatics, tied in with fun games and courses to challenge their development. Each session, kids are able to move up through the levels as they progress on to the final level, SwimGym +. While SwimGym does involve diving fundamentals, there is no springboard diving in SwimGym, only in SwimGym+

SwimGym Plus

If your athlete is a tumbler, or has trampoline experience or a good deal of swimming background, it is possible they are ready for SwimGym Plus which includes some board time and forms a foundation for Learn to Dive in the Academy. If you are just learning to dive, this is likely the program for you.

  • Locations:  Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Mercer Island,  Federal Way and more.
  • Prices range from $10 to $20 per hour depending on location and frequency.
  • Optional Privates also available .

Learn To Dive Program

The Learn To Dive Program is a beginner diving program generally for ages 12 and over unless assessed otherwise. Building on the swimming and gymnastics foundation of SGPLUS, Learn to Dive provides a more focused program on diving itself and is an entry to High School and Bronze Team programs.

High School Program

The High School Program is designed to augment existing high school training with advanced techniques, and a personalized focus on helping students master their next level in competition meets.

Bronze Team

The Bronze Program is the heart and soul of Intermediate/Advanced divers generally ages 12 and over unless otherwise assessed. The Bronze program is designed to prepare divers for high school, state meets, and lower levels Junior Olympic diving.

National Team

National Team Gold:
-11 workouts per week (Locations: KCAC, Bellevue Aquatics Center, Gymnastics Unlimited)

The National Team Gold program is by invitation only for top gymnasts and divers who have mastered certain level of skills or are Level 8-10 gymnasts who show potential. High skill level required. 3 meter and platform diving required.

  • 3 Dryland practices
  • 1 Tramp only practice
  • 5 pool sessions
  • 2 conditioning sessions weekly


National Team Silver – 9 workouts per week

The National Team Silver (which includes Future Champions) is a program by invitation only for top gymnasts and divers who have mastered certain level of skills or who are a Level  7-10 in gymnastics  and who show potential. High skill level required. 3 meter and platform diving

  • 3 Dryland training practices
  • 4 Pool sessions
  • 2 conditioning sessions per week

National Team programs are less than $10 per hour.