Diving Tip of the Week: Training the Proper Diving Takeoff Position

While divers are waiting in line for their next turn, they can practice the “squat”, followed by the full “arm-swing” and then a push up with the legs to a “straight position”.

Here’s how:

First, have the diver practice sitting like they are sitting in a chair up against the wall with their arms up.  Have them practice the sit and straighten position against the wall.

Second, have them add the arm-swing. By having them practice against the wall, the diver can tell if they are arching (back must stay touching the wall) and they can tell when their arms reach ALL the way up, by touching against the wall.

Third, have them straighten their legs into perfect body alignment! This three step sequence, is a good use of time while waiting in line or as a warm up drill for preparation for diving.

This is particularly effective for gymnasts who tend to bend at the waist instead of the knees on take-offs.wall sit arms up

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