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DiveSeattle T-Shirts are on Sale NOW!

We have long sleeve and short sleeve Port and Company (SanMar) options.

Thanks Mary Bandrowski for helping set this up 🙂
The photos show the style but not the shirt color.

We are surprising you with the colors. will it be a black, blue or white shirt?
Which one do you want? Black with blue and white, blue with white or white tee with blue white.

HOW to ORDER: Go to: DiveSeattle TShirt ORDER FORM HERE! and place your order BY JUNE 5th.

For Sizing Information:

Short Sleeve:http://www.sanmar.com/sanmar-servlets/CatalogBrowser?productId=PC54&prodimage=&swatch=Aquatic%20Blue&top=Y

Long Sleeve:http://www.sanmar.com/sanmar-servlets/CatalogBrowser?companionsearch=yes&id=7735672&parentId=0&catid=&top=Y

Short Sleeve: http://www.sanmar.com/sanmar-servlets/CatalogBrowser?productId=LPC54&prodimage=&swatch=Neon%20Blue&top=Y

Long Sleeve:http://www.sanmar.com/sanmar-servlets/CatalogBrowser?companionsearch=yes&id=9833055&parentId=0&catid=&top=Y

Short Sleeve: http://www.sanmar.com/sanmar-servlets/CatalogSearch?id=10029812&prodimage=&swatch=Royal&top=Y

Long Sleeve: http://www.sanmar.com/sanmar-servlets/CatalogSearch?id=9833022&prodimage=&top=Y&swatch=Athletic%20Maroon

Coaches don’t forget to order your shirts also!

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